UC browser was specially designed by the UC Web Company to offer easy mobile browsing services for android users. It has many stunning features that make it the most appreciative among users such as tab speed dialing service, management, Wi-Fi sharing etc. This browser is available for free to download from the Google play store.

The few most talked features are:

  • Customization and Themes: UC provides custom selection of various browser skins from a broad range of choices available from UC theme centre. The most fascinating fact is that, these skins can be used as lock screen wallpaper as well.
  • Background Downloading: if you love to download but want no intervention in browsing than UC is the foremost option for you. It offers background downloading which won’t interrupt in your browsing and will continue downloading even after closing the browser window.
  • Wi-Fi Sharing: You can share downloaded files with other windows devices over the Wi-Fi network.
  • Udisk: UC offers cloud storage solution for users to store files if they are running out of space in their devices. Udisk offers a free space of 6GB storage of which 2GB is permanent and 4GB is temporary.
  • Preloading: This feature give you a seamless reading experience by pre-loading the next page when you are reading the current page.

Yet users face many UC browser problems while operating and contact UC browser customer service for technical help. There are several problems that users face with UC mobile browser such as:

  • Installation issues: The most reported issue for which users usually contact UC browser customer service is how to install this browser in specific device. This browser app comes free from the Google play store and users can download it using their device-specific downloading procedure.
  • Another important issue that many users come across with UC browser is its privacy and security issues. When you browse, your browsing data are automatically sent to some other websites without any encryption.
  • Denying Access: Users often experience access denying problems with this browser due to several reasons such as screen size issues, unsupported browser, unavailable flash player, DRM issues, and cookies issue. All these issues can be resolve by applying few manual settings.

Some Other UC browser issues that UC browser technical customer service deals with are:

  • Browser performance issues
  • Confusing sites and apps
  • Downloading issues
  • Log in issues with Udisk

UC Browser Customer Service Phone Number

All that type of issues can be fix by applying very minor changes in device or browser settings but most users are oblivious of those easy troubleshooting steps. Therefore, they contact UC browser customer service number’s to get instant help from the expert advisers. The customer service advisers are highly trained to deal with all these issues with utter ease. You can also get step by step tutorial help with UC browser customer service.