Facebook is an online social media platform based in Menlo park, California. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg along with Harvard college students. It is considered one of the big four technology companies.

Facebook offers other services include Instagram, whatspp, facebook , Oculu etc.

The list of Facebook language available is:

> Hindi

> Urdu

> Punjabi

> Bengal

> Marathi

> Gujarati

> Tamil

> Telugu

> Malayalam

> Somali

> Afrikaans

> Azerbaijani

> Indonesia

> Malay

> Javanese

> Spanish


> German

> Danish

> Welch

> Filipino

> Frisian

> Galician

> Croatian

Facebook customer service can be approached by admire users whenever they face any major or minor issues related to the facebook. They can eagerly use the customer care support number to contact the quality staff and their executive in case of any query. The team of technicians is highly qualified and possesses good experience in the particular field. Facebook users are ubiquitous nowadays, so their customer support base needs to be strong.

The common issues related to the Facebook

1) Shut up excessive posters

Your uncle posts too many a political rant which frustrates you, one of your friend do not have the knowledge of using facebook and post nonsense. This creates a dilemma and you don’t want to unfriend them and hurt their feelings, then there is just one option, i:e to unfollow them.

2) Keep important friends first

One of the opposite trend of the spectrum are friends whose post you didn’t want to miss. Facebook’s ever changing algorithms allow you to use this feature.

3) Stop sharing your post with some of your friends

Just like you don’t want to see others post, in the same way you don’t want to share your post with some of your friends. Facebook have this feature of making your post unavailable to some of your friends.

4) Disabling photo tag option on facebook

Photo tagging is a fun feature but if someone post the embarrassing picture and tag you in it, all your friends will be able to see it.

5) Block annoying auto-playing videos

Nobody likes the videos that play as soon as you scroll past them. They are loud and can catch you off-guard if you thought your device is muted.

To turn off video autoplay, click the top right arrow anywhere on facebook and choose settings, then click the auto-play option button to off.

In case you face any other type of technical or general issue then don’t get panic. You can call the facebook customer service phone number to reach the team of technician bat any time. They will give you simple steps to follow instruction to solve your major or minor issues. You do not have to worry when you have the assistance of Facebook customer support.